Market Analysis: August 19 Shang Village raccoon skin, fox price

      Recent market is still a small village set, blue fox fur prices, another volume decline, the price firm, listed in the high-quality hides hides transaction price in 1250-1350 yuan, medium quality partial epithelial sheets asking price in 1100-1200 yuan, medium quality hides asking price $ 900-1000, medium-quality hides downwards at 700-750 million asking price, low quality hides asking price of 550-600 yuan, the second skin price at 400-450 yuan; silver fox fur number listed stable, slow turnover, road copies of good quality hides the price at 700-750 yuan, the average price of 580-640 yuan hides quality, low-quality hides price 400-450 yuan; silver blue fox fur listing a small number of high-quality hides the price of 700-750 yuan, general quality hides prices 550-600 yuan. The overall look fox Market: blue fox fur prices, the market reach of individual hides asking price of 2,000 yuan, the overall number of transactions to see little blue fox, road were good many buyers. Silver blue fox silver fox skins and price stability, slow sales.

     Shang Village recently on the market, listed less raccoon skin, slow sales, buyers morning asking about the price of pretty much, but there are few transactions, the market outlook is almost nobody cares. High quality hides hides in the price listed in 700-750 yuan, the average price of 550-600 yuan hides quality, low-quality hides prices 400-450 yuan, Te Lupi prices 800-850 yuan, a few special way the individual large leather prices 900-950 million. Listing the amount of white raccoon skin in general, sales accelerated, a few high-quality hides price 900-1000 yuan, the average price of 750-850 yuan hides quality, low-quality hides prices 550-600 yuan price of 250-350 yuan this skin . The overall look raccoon skin Markets: raccoon skin in slow sales of the state, there are rarely traded, the price decline is mainly the reason bad deal, white raccoon skin raccoon skin buyers more than the red, white raccoon skin prices.

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Kopenhagen Fur president to participate in the CCTV interview, name the

Kopenhagen Fur CEO Torben? Mr. Nielsen received CCTV-Crossover interview program, which is a file China CCTV covering Asia, Europe and North America, the English talk show, watch the program number reached 40 million. Host is the well-known anchor, Mr. Ji Xiaojun, Torben? Mr. Nielsen in the program with a local media commentators Miss Duan Yanling to discuss fashion, luxury goods, as well as the sustainable development of the fur industry and other topics.

Interviews from China’s rapidly growing luxury market began, gradually rising middle class in China has $ 75 billion in disposable income of urban residents, a large number of them in the global luxury goods consumption, and in this market is the most perplexing What is a real luxury. Mr. Nielsen said: “The so-called luxury goods, refers to the non-essential items.” Therefore, a luxury not everyone can consume, but it must be pleasing things. As living in Beijing, a senior marketing manager, Miss Duan Yanling agree with this statement: “Luxury is a way of life that people desire.” So exciting to see people buy luxury goods, the product range includes Chinese designer Zhu Xiaojie design Jensen Danish designer furniture to design bikes. Mr. Nelson agreed finest luxury to inspire inspiration. He said: “Like Olympic Games, all to inspire athletes shock gold medal. Pair of luxury brands, this will give the designer inspiration, so as to enhance the quality of life of many people.”

Among the many luxury brands, Kopenhagen Fur fur raw material suppliers to the best identity to the fore. According to Yan Ling said she had a fur coat from the hands of her mother passed down. Fur is a luxury the ideal material, is also part of high fashion. Why fur can become an ideal material for the luxury it? Some experts believe that the use of fur natural and inevitable. For the consumer, fur fabric durable, highly functional after making garments. Of particular importance is the ability to effectively combine with other industrial designers, for example, the designer Zhu Xiaojie have successfully used the original process, the fur fabric and classical Chinese furniture manufacturers combined. Not long ago, he designed some of his work has aroused the concern of Chinese design community.

As part of high fashion, wearing fur clothing also means high cost of living. Recently, a fast fashion consumption patterns in the rise of young Chinese consumers, most of them at low prices to buy more clothes. Yan Ling believes that fast fashion means waste and pollution. However, the care of the view that this is a “consumer choice” principle is able to afford to buy their own while durable clothing, from the perspective of sustainable development that makes sense.

However, a number of organizations and individuals at home and abroad with questioning eyes look fur rise. About the fur industry can sustainable development issues, Mr. Nielsen to provide the best products and the best creativity expressed full confidence. Kopenhagen Fur’s long-term commitment to develop the most nutritious fodder for keeping the most healthy mink, while the use of the most advanced IT technology to ensure the best quality fur production. As for the outside of the fur industry accused of animal cruelty, child care does not agree with this: “Do not treat our animals is meaningless, this is against our code of ethics, laws and regulations from the long term, we hope to provide the best quality fur, so we treat with great respect for our animals and raw materials. ”

In short, the fur industry has a solid foundation. Most importantly, the new generation of designers are just beginning to discover the charm of fur fabric, they represent the future of the industry.

As an important representative of the fur industry, this is the first time he climbed Kopenhagen Fur has billions of viewers China Central Television screen, this fur consumers with potential positive dialogue has only just begun.

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Car leather interior, leather seats have become popular trend

    Currently, leather car seats, full leather interior and other fast-growing markets in China are sought after, and has continued to rise. Car interior leather related products more and more popular. A sense of luxury leather upholstery and soft texture to bring more senses. Also leather interior with wear and easy to clean features, therefore, leather car interiors has become a popular trend.

     2010, as the world’s top luxury brands, the global leader in the luxury SUV – Land Rover (LandRover) is a year of special significance, namely the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover brand. SCAS as the sole distributor of the Land Rover brand of Shenzhen for this activity will be held a grand celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Range Rover; Range Rover will be to build up a gluttonous feast. Range Rover 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition a unique show, the interpretation of the historical heritage and Land Rover Range Rover pure luxury.

     Inside, the Range Rover 40th Anniversary Edition with a jet-black / pimento red, jet black / ivory white two kinds of interior color choices. Jet black / ivory white with full black leather roof, will make people feel very noble. The overall configuration of the car or the continuation of the original style of the Range Rover just work more elegant, refined. Rich configuration feels good to fully grasp this car was good reading the user manual. Range Rover 40th anniversary commemorative edition is also prepared for the user with a leather-wrapped user manual.

Full leather interior, leather seats have become popular trend

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     The entire vehicle a wider use of hand-stitched leather, for example: full leather interior, leather seats, full leather dashboard, full leather edging center console, glove box, door frame and other places are within reach using hand-stitched leather. Soft seats with high quality semi-aniline perforated leather seats comfortable, increase driving comfort.

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Rare and splendid vegetable tanned leather or leather popular

   Despite all the world will be influenced by the fashion designers, they always want to constantly changing fashion elements to instill consumer, but also guide you in many ways to combine these elements and match. But just like fashion guru once said: the trend is always changing, only style forever. In about “style” interpretation, maintaining uniqueness is always the same magic. Let us now go to “create personal style” tactics in the highest realm: personal customization.

    Built Brand: Dunhill iPad Case

    Customized reasons: limited production 20

    Custom Consideration: three-month waiting period

    AlfredDunhill handmade leather customized services, very British tradition, unique and timeless. They offer two optional leather, namely rare splendid vegetable tanned leather or leather. Customizable product models, covering the briefcase, handbag or briefcase framework, all the works are fine leather workshop in London within, by hand cutting, stitching and molding. In detail, there is a wealth of lining color, and include light matte gold, matte gunmetal polished palladium and other metals, including accessories.

    This year, to meet with the iPad craze, Dunhill launched a dedicated custom holster. Inspired by Winston Churchill personally engraved silver envelope address Dunhill cigarette case, each iPad cases are printed with an envelope covered with 1939 postmark pattern. Envelope above address is in London headquarters address. Simple folding design can provide full protection for the iPad, the touch screen can be used independently in a holster, and mini style make it in action can be easily placed in bag to carry.

    Each iPad cases are within the London workshop produced fine leather, limited production 20. In addition, customized services as handmade leather part of the plan, the customer can be customized with a personal address holster, within three months to get the finished product.

    Custom brand: Berluti shoes

    Custom reason: with celebrities enjoy the same service

    Custom Consideration: six-month waiting period

    Berluti has been a century, in 1895 produced the first pair of brand founder by a whole leather, perforated straps only three men, from the shoe to lay Berluti’s “position.” Stars shine brand fans, including President Kennedy, Spanish King Juan Carlos, the Greek shipping tycoon Onassis, the famous painter Pablo Picasso, American star Sinatra, French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and so on.

    Berluti shoes has always been known for elegance and comfort. During the manufacturing process, the system last division, division patterns, tailoring division, masters of their own sewing plays an integral role in the birth of each pair of shoes to go through at least 250 or more complicated processes. Meanwhile Berluti human feet have a professional research, because each person’s walking habits and arch differences will lead to changes in the shape of bones and muscles, so the concept of custom shoes, the feet can not be represented in a uniform size. By carefully measuring at least 6-10 channel processes, in order to produce the most suitable shoes.

    If you have interest, you can also at the same price, and these celebrities wearing the same style of shoes. The amount of teacher professional foot foot through the guests analyze, synthesize their preferences are given the best advice and footwear production orientation. After six months or so after waiting, customers will be able to receive dreams and inspiration fit footwear.

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Gucci Bags Outlet|Gucci Bags Online welcome you!

Gucci LOGO design like its merchandise, luxurious elegance. Golden color and design forms to bring the feeling of impeccable demonstrated its corporate temperament, although such luxuries always make a lot of people away, but in the hearts of the people left a good impression. Gucci brand logo as a whole and harmonious, and the lower LOGO design pattern reflects the core of the whole, a good logo design can put a firm push higher angle, while the Gucci logo on show at a higher level, a lot of people want to close level. Gorgeous design sense of the entire corporate logo design Gucci brand design in many more glory, but also adds its business momentum. It can be said, to a certain extent, it is precisely because of these species continue to expand and develop and improve the Gucci brand awareness, it is no longer limited to the existing market areas, and increasingly become the subject of attention of the brand. Because large numbers of counterfeit and imitation products, Gucci brand had to spend a lot of financial and material resources to fight to preserve its good corporate image. In fact, years of production and management, so that Gucci had some signs of classic products, such as flat shoes and gold jewelry never change is the tradition of quality products Gucci, Gucci is also not the kind of shallow laced shoes, had their huge commercial profits. Gucci leather products in particular, tanning, leather delicate pigskin product most see characteristics. 1989 Dawn Mello (Don – Mello) was appointed as its vice president and creative guidance to the symbol of the glory of yesterday’s luxury brand become a “must” fashion. Since 1994, Tom Ford (Tom – Ford) to make Gucci look. Following the 1997 launch of the Gucci Gucci Envy later, in 2004 launched a new fashion new fragrance Gucci Envy Me Envy Me perfume. The fragrance with fresh white jasmine and pink peony as the main theme of luxury and the latest fragrance radiation presented a variety of different scents, allowing you to use at different times, can find a variety of surprise and charm!
Overthrow GUCCI Envy series of the past warm, sexy floral notes, the green leaves of flowers in a different
Fragrance presented, it is hearty ecstatic “GUCCI Envy Me 2″, trapped inside of your body senses! Green magnolia leaves, pure violet leaves, with bright orange light dance romance in the skin. Outstanding by the gorgeous green bouquet, natural rose oil, and exotic flowers purple heliotrope interpretation. Patchouli and sandalwood tone, curl emit a long tone highlights such as the intimate wood-like sensory qualities, addictive vanilla add a ray of sweet and sexy, every woman wants to have a such a perfume. Although gentlemen occasionally wear loose thick sweaters, knee-length shorts more refreshing to enjoy leisure time, but those carrying large leather hand bags still reveal the whereabouts of luxury, from soft calfskin to gorgeous crocodile pattern, classic retro styling and exquisite workmanship are people of longing, especially that a bright red bag, do not know what breed of gentlemen dare to ride it too!

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